Igorot History 101: Lesson 01

The First School-Educated Igorots

The first Igorots to obtain a complete elementary education, and later on proceeding to college,  were among the pioneering batch of boys sent to study in Easter School in what was emerging as  Baguio City in northern Philippines. Easter School had its beginnings on a lot that was purchased by the US Episcopal Church mission headed by Bishop Brent in 1903.

After the construction of the school building, the teacher’s quarter and the dormitory, the school opened on the Easter week in 1906 with Mr. Samuel S. Drury as the first school head with 18 boys as the first students. These boys, accompanied by Father Irving Spencer, braved the hardships of traveling on foot from Bontoc to Baguio to become the first pupils of the Easter School. Their sacrifices paid off because they all became successful in their adult life.

These pioneer Igorot students include: Hilary Pittapit Clapp (Bontoc) – a doctor of medicine who was District Health officer of the Mountain Province, Chief of the Bontoc Hospital, and first Bontoc Igorot to become Governor of the Mt. Province (1941-1945); Clement Irving (Bontoc), Representative of the Mountain Province in the Philippine Legislature; Saturnino Moldero (Bontoc) Representative of the Mountain Province in the Philippine Legislature; Anacleto Galo (Bontoc), Provincial Secretary of the Mountain Province; Narciso Carino (Bontoc) , Sergeant, Philippine Scouts; James Amok (Bontoc), cited for bravery during World War II by the US government; Edward Muket (Bontoc), Corporal, Philippine Scouts; Stanley Kalingan (Bontoc), Superintendent of the Bontoc Hospital; Francis Padsing (Bontoc), Practicante, Philippine Constabulary; Benjamin Pelew (Bontoc), Messenger with the Bontoc Government School; Charles Pucay, (Benguet), successful businessman in Baguio who taught for many years n Easter School. The rest of the 18 boys were not identified (Botengan, K., 41-42).


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  1. aloha…I am the granddaughter of Saturnino Moldero….thank you for sharing HISTORY 101 of the Igorots,,,Did you know my Lolo personally? I hope you respond to this…my mother, Angelita Moldero, is Saturnino’s daughter. I grew up in the States but now live in the beautiful 100 Islands. I am married to Lemton Agricola, born &raised in Hawaii. Please send me any mor info on my lolo…pictures would be a ‘treasure.’

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